We've Moved

Food For Stays 

Coming soon , since florida is free roaming for cats in most counties they offer the trap/alter/release Program  ,so we are working with a few Rescue groups to find out the cost of feeding these stays and how to go about ,as once people release these kitties back to the wild these poor feral cats need to try and find food ,and no kitty should go hungry ... I will post updates once i find out more 

Blankets For Homeless Pets 

I have Been Making Blankets for all my Kittens to take with them when they leave to their new homes , well I have decided to start making blankets for Shelter Animals who have no homes and are waiting to find a forever home , I purchase the fleece fabric it different styles for male /female dog/ cat ,and i hand make each blanket and then donate them to local rescues , if you would like to help you can now donate ..

Cat/Small Dog Blanket
$5 = 1 Cat Sized Blanket 
$10= 2 Cat Sized Blankets
$15= 3 Cat Sized Blankets
$20= 4 Cat Sized Blankets
$25= 5 Cat Sized Blankets  
Medium Dog Blanket
$10 = 1 Medium Dog Sized Blanket
$20 = 2 Medium Dog Sized Blanket
$30 = 3 Medium Dog Sized Blanket
$40 = 4 Medium Dog Sized Blanket
$50 = 5 Medium Dog Sized Blanket
Large Dog Blanket
$15 = 1 Large Dog Sized Blanket  
$30 = 2 Large Dog Sized Blanket
$45 = 3 Large Dog Sized Blanket 
$60 = 4 Large Dog Sized Blanket
$75 = 5 Large Dog Sized Blanket 
Cost Per Blanket Almost covers the cost of the fabric but these blankets are made with love for animals who are still waiting to be loved