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$350 Deposit hold your kitten until it is ready to go home payments can be made Via Paypal Or Cash ,all Money placed will be deducted from your choice kittens total amount ,Prices start at $850-$1400 Shipping IS NOT AVAILABLE , But We will Gladly meet you at Tampa international Airport where you can pick up your kitten and take as Carry on, it is not Safe for Persians to Fly in Cargo ...***NOTE*** It Is Cheaper to fly round trip and take you Kitten as Carry on if you schedule your flight in advance ...

Please Call (941) 527-2263 to Schedule an appointment

Kittens Available are Pictured Below 

Up Coming Litters Waiting list 




Storms Persian Kittens Waiting List

Storm Due Aug21-31 2017 


Persian Kittens 


Storms Persian Kittens  
White Male #1
White Male #1 $1050 

White Male #2
White Male #2 "odd eyed" $1050 


Black Smoke Female
Black Smoke Female $1550 
 Trixies Litter Born 7/14/17 
Black/White Female
Black/White Female $1250 
Black/White Male
Black/White Male $1250 
Black/White Male #2
Black/White Male #2 $1250 
Tabby Male
Tabby/White Male $1550 
Tabby Male #2
Tabby/White Male #2 $1550 

 If you are interested in a Kitten give us a call (941) 527-2263.                  ***PLEASE NOTE*** We Do NOT Accept Checks ,payments can be made Cash, Credit card or paypal.. Depsoits are $350 to hold a kitten  Or $150 If you have already Joined the Waiting List

You can also Like Us on Facebook to see past kittens and  see comments from owners of past kittens on facebook @ O'Neills Twilight Persians

We Are Now accepting Credit/Debit Cards  Online Via Paypal Or in person With Paypal here we do have to Charge 6.5% sales tax on all deposit's and Kittens Sold

Kittens can be Paid for By Credit/Debit Card or Cash we do not accept Checks



****PLEASE NOTE*****


We do Not Allow People To View kittens until proper age ,this is due to people visiting other catteries before ours and getting my kitten's sick ,I think first and formost about the health/wellbeing of my kittens and it is not a chance im willing to take anymore, I will send you a weekly updated report on how you kitten is doing,growing and also send updated weekly photos

We have teacup-toy sized breeders also Standard so please let us know what you are looking for

Size and Weight Comparison Chart:

Standard Size Females: 11-14 pounds 
Standard Size Males: 12-17 pounds

Toy Size Females: 7 - 9 pounds
Toy Size Males: 8 -10 pounds 

Teacup Size Females: 3 -6.5 pounds
Teacup Size Males: 3 -7.5 pounds